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“Rampaging Ferocidon in Standard” 2019-08-30

When you look at the B&R (banned & restricted) lists of eternal formats (e.g. Vintage, Legacy, Modern) you’ll be confronted with a large amount of banned cards. Newer players may wonder why certain cards are banned when they are churning through these lists for the first time. And most bans need to be explained to new players. Often they have to be put in their historical context to make sense. To do that for every card on the B&R list would break the limitations of this post. But I’ll try to…


Deck Building Concepts 2: The Mana Curve 2019-08-23

We started the series with a concept that carried an emotional aspect. The second part will be more technical. The second part will be targeted at beginners who want to advance their understanding of deck building. Whether you want to build your own competitive deck or you're looking to understand current meta decks, this article aims at broadening your grasp on the theory behind Magic decks. The topic of this article is the mana curve. If you're following competitive Magic that's a term you…


Will Golgari Midrange Ever Be Gone? 2019-08-16

The Rock might be a deck that will never disappear from the meta. Now there might be readers that are confused by the previous sentence. The title of this post promises a discourse about Golgari Midrange but it starts talking about a deck called "The Rock". Don't worry the topic of this post will be Golgari Midrange. Albeit if you're one of the confused readers, you are either a new player or haven't bothered with MTG history yet. Let me resolve any confusion. Here's a quote I found on mtg…


My Descent Into Modern 2019-08-07

Imagine you started watching basketball two years ago. You learn to love the game. You can't stop watching games, basketball content on YouTube and listening to basketball podcasts. Eventually you start identifying with teams and players. Furthermore you pick up the strategy and theory behind the game. Your deep dive into the game continues by researching its history and you are spiraling into a basketball fan and expert. Albeit you never actually played the game before. Of course you have basic…


Red Bull Untapped Finals & Decklists 2019-08-05

On the 4th of August 2019 Lino Burgold proved he is a MTG master. With Bant Scapeshift he took down Thomas Holzinger on Bant Ramp in the finals of the Red Bull Untapped tournament series. Red Bull invited players all around the world to compete in paper Modern tournaments to qualify for the top eight finals on Arena. I love the approach of Red Bull Untapped. It combines multiple formats and ways to play Magic. Paper magic isn't neglected while Arena is promoted too. To mix paper and digital…


Naya Tokens - A Metagame Answer 2019-08-02

Selesnya Tokens is an old Standard deck by now. But its popularity kept declining since the release of War of the Spark. That's because the new decks were stronger. But I think that Selesnya Tokens can compete again in the current meta. To do so it needs to adapt. What I did is adding red to the deck to get access to a few fitting cards. Following I'll list a selection of current meta decks and elucidate why Naya Tokens is a good deck choice right now. You can find my deck here: https…